Until two years ago, all of my research material was available on my web site
Unfortunately, within months I found my work, had been plagiarised by rogues who had published it on their own web sites.
WW2 War Forums were publishing my text, maps and images
The worst culprit for infringing my copyright was Google who published all my images on their search engine ( bures-images)
I even had only local person who had the cheek to ask, if she could copy all my web material and use it for their University Dissertation at no cost !
That was the last straw and it was subsequently taken off-line

There is a good trick to play on these people if you think they have stolen your work
Slip in the odd spelling mistake or a factual error and see if it appears elsewhere
If someone has just copy/pasted the text, the error will follow them.

I learnt this from the London A – Z maps. Did you know some of the streets on the map are totally ficticious. Usually small cul-de-sacs.
If anyone copies the maps, little do they realise they will subsequently publish the errors
Sometimes called “Trap Streets” or “Copyright Traps”
London A – Z Link


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