Proposed New Book

I am in the process of publishing a book called “When the Americans arrived in Bures”

This subject has taken me some 10 years to research.

Its a unique insight into the Bomb Dumps that were constructed by the United States Air Force to the west of Bures during 1943.

This information has been derived from local people in the area and the USAAF archives.

Trains arrived daily from Liverpool and Immingham Docks to unload munitions at Chappel rail station.

These were then distributed around the local area for storage away from the prying eyes of the Luftwaffe.

They were then despatched to the USAAF ,Essex and Suffolk airfields when their stock required replenishing

The book is proving very expensive to publish due to the internal pages all being in colour

Publishing this book on Amazon and with their selling fees, this would leave me with a profit per book of 25p

Consequently, I am trying to find out if anyone would be interested in purchasing a copy


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