SmallBridge School

During the 1955 – 1972 there was a Private Girls School located in an Elizabethan Manor called Smallbridge Hall.
Its main fame was the visit by Elizabeth 1st, who popped in for a couple of days on route from London to Ipswich. Her entourage was so large it nearly bankrupted the owner

I learnt from an ex pupil who now lives in Monaco, they often exchanged visits with Copford Glebe School, Private Boys School
Usually Debating Classes.
Copford lies between Colchester and Marks Tey

One of the boys who attended Copford was none other than Salem Mohammed Bin Laden, the half brother off Osama Bin Laden
At Copford he shared a room with another Muslim lad, who`s father was the Deputy Chief of Irans Secret Police


Copford School even gets a mention in the 1988 edition of the Iran Times


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