The Pot is Empty

It was suggested by the Lt Waldingfield History Group, that I should approach the Heritage Lottery Fund to see if they would offer me a grant to continue my research and publisher fees.
I made tentative enquiries to find that I was not eligible because I have to be :-
(a) an organisation with a Constitution
(b) have a Bank account in that name
(c) minimum grant funding of £3,000

I can fully appreciate that individuals may fraudulently abuse the system of obtaining funds, but it does leave genuine lone researchers such as myself abandoned.
HLF State:- We fund projects which focus on heritage. Heritage includes many different things from the past that we value and want to pass on to future generations, for example:
(a)histories of people and communities;
(b)histories of places and events
(c)people’s memories and experiences
(often recorded as ‘oral history’)
(d)places and objects linked to our industrial,
maritime and transport history,

With the proposed book, I must have interviewed well over 20 -30 local people going back as far as 2000. Today only one of those is alive today
So I certainly have preserved their heritage.
Not only that, the book is unique as nothing like this has been published before
I ran into the same funding problem back in 2001 when I launched a web site for Bures.
This only started off with a couple of pages and now it runs into the hundreds.
Bures back in the early 90`s was an “Industrial Village” having its own Brewery, Brickworks, Tannery, Slaughterhouse, 5 Blacksmiths and 9 pubs – a wealth of information
As the River Stour runs through the centre of the village, barges would take Bricks and Straw down to Harwich then on Sailing Barges up the Thames into London.
Straw for the horses and bricks for building.

Today the web site covers over 200 different topics concerning the village, which makes it undoubtedly the largest Parish web site in the UK
Five years ago it got so large, I had to move the War years pages to a new site
Since 2001, I have received no funding to support this work.
Again the same problem of not being a recognised organisation had hindered all applications for grants.
I calculated a few months ago, that over this 16 year period, I may have spent over 10,000 hours researching and publishing the material
The financial outlay of those years would be well over £1000 with traveling, printing, purchasing records, books etc


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