USA to Bures

During the past years, the one country that has exceeded all others with enquiries is the USA. It appears that a vast number of the population seemed to have traced their descendants back to the Pilgrims departure circa 1630.
We surely have heard of the Mayflower which set sail for New England, but we must remember, this was one ship out of dozens that left the UK during that period.
Many of the financial backers of this journey originated from Bures and the surrounding parishes.
ie, the Pelhams from “Ferriers” (Bures) and the Waldegraves from “Smallbridge” (Bures),
Winthrop (Groton) together with the Harlakendens from Earls Colne
The map show you the distribution of the emigrants from a 10 mile radius or more from Bures.
This would account for the massive amount of interest from the States, chasing their family heritage that I map

Link to the  Bures web site and  the “Mayflower”


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