USA Trip

On September the 14th I will be visited by a lady from Origon on the West Coast of the USA. She is a direct descendant of the Harlakenden family from the old Earls Colne Priory.
That family goes way back as far as the Winthrop Sailings (Mayflower) in 1630.
There is still a Harlekenden family in Bures, living at Gt Bevills
I will be giving her a tour of St Stephens Chapel, St Marys Church, Smallbridge Hall, and various other notable properties in the Village
The trip will also take in a visit the Hedingham Castle ( De-Vere family) and back to Earls Colne (Harlakendens) to show her the site of Priory. This was demolished back in the 1500s, so I can only point out a plaque to where it once stood.
This will be the fourth visit in four years from visitors flying in from the States.
All having some connection with families who once lived in Bures.
My tours are now tried and tested and always get a good reception from visitors who have never see building so old as the ones in our local area.
Just consider they may never have been any buildings in the New World older than 1630 `ish


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