Complacent Businesses

Is it just me, or do you have the same problem when sending enquiries to organisation on-line and subsequently expecting a reply ?
I appear to be wasting my breath when it comes to using FaceBook, Twitter or online forms on web pages
Why do firms bother to set-up a Facebook or a Twitter account,  when they totally ignore messages sent to them.

eg, I sent a message last week to Greater Anglia reporting a Self Service Ticket machine at Marks Tey Rail Station to be faulty – no response
The same week, I used an online web page form to send a message to “The T House” in Mistley, once again no response.
Not only that,  my success rate of getting any response using on-line forms embedded in web pages, also has a dismal success rate.
I have totally abandoned that method now and prefer to send a standard e-mail.

I do wonder if I would get better results, if I were to  sent a letter by snail mail ?


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